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paulproteus 6 years ago
<palhmbs> pythonian4000, how's things down your end?
<pythonian4000> palhmbs, good for me at least. Instead of playing with liquid helium, I spent the day getting the Roundup plugin for sufjan going.
Comment: 2011-02-23
paulproteus 6 years ago
<|-\av0c> Welcome Larry
<Bananatron> why are you not named after fruit?
<Bananatron> this is a travesty
Comment: UMN Morris event, 2014-09-13
paulproteus 6 years ago
* nedbat joined #openhatch
* 00:40<paulproteus> nedbat: Yo. Random update: I'm writing the tutorial instructions now.
* 00:41<nedbat> paulproteus: fab!
* 00:41<paulproteus> No plans to use that (-;
Comment: Preparing for the first Boston Python Workshop, 2011-02-26
paulproteus 6 years ago
<britta> i totally went and looked at ducks a couple weeks ago: instagram.com/p/iqK7xESLzP/
<willingc> aww.. golden gate park?
<britta> this was a park in los angeles!
<paulproteus|mobi> I saw some ducks in Geneva, Switzerland. I neglected to take photos. The ducks were great!
<shauna> Cute, britta!
<shauna> The Ugly Docling?
Comment: 2014-01-12
shauna 6 years ago
<ehashman> currently trying to fix the CSC's CPAN mirror, so I haven't had a chance to take a close look
<exor674> didn't anyone tell you that if you break a mirror you get lots of years of bad luck
<exor674> and angry sysadmins
paulproteus 6 years ago
<paulproteus|mobi> what *is* open source anyway
<paulproteus|mobi> does anyone REALLY know???
paulproteus 6 years ago
<jmaister> Has there been any feature reqs for universal login throughout the site? (main/wiki/bugtracker)?
<paulproteus> jmaister: There have, and I wrote a sample spec for how we could do it it.
       But no one's implemented yet.
<jmaister> All right. I just couldn't spot it under the requests section on the bug tracker so I thought I'd ask
<paulproteus> openhatch.org/bugs/issue23
<jmaister> But then again: I'm not very good at spotting ;)
<paulproteus> It's okay -- I forgot how to find it myself...
Comment: Our glorious bug tracker, 2010-09-17
ehashman 6 years ago
<geofft> paulproteus: SYMPTOMS: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone lie
                in the desert.
<geofft> paulproteus: EXPECTED RESULT: Ye mighty should be able to look
                on my works and despair.
<geofft> paulproteus: ACTUAL RESULT: Nothing beside remains.